Young Democrats (English)

Young Democrats (English)

The Young Democrats (in Dutch: Jonge Democraten; JD) are the Dutch social-liberal political youth organisation, founded in 1984. With over 5000 members, the Young Democrats is one of the largest political youth organisations of the Netherlands. Although fully independent, the Young Democrats are affiliated with the Dutch social-liberal party Democrats 66, shortly D66

As youth organization we are active within the international umbrella organization IFLRY and the European umbrella organization IFLRY.

The board of JD exists out of 9 people. The board includes: the Chair, Secretary General, Treasurer, Press Officer, International Officer, Secr Organization, Secr Education, Secr Promotion and Political Officer.

Within the area of international politics both the International Officer and the Political Officer are working. The International Officer mainly focuses on organizational issues and international representation, while the Political Officer indirectly manages a working group under the responsibility of the so-called Portefeuillehouder Buitenlandse Zaken (portfolio manager foreign affairs).

For more (english) information about the Young Democrats you can contact our International Officer at international@jd.nl.